Towong Shire

Draft Hunting Tourism Action Plan Resolution

On Tuesday 7 August, Towong Shire Council determined what action would be undertaken following the Towong Shire hunting tourism stakeholder and community engagement process.  We thank the community for providing feedback during this process and ultimately assisting Councillors to make an informed decision.

Following the engagement process, Council officers compiled a comprehensive report; the Towong Shire Hunting Tourism Stakeholder and Community Engagement Report.  The Report can be found here.

The Towong Shire Hunting Tourism Steering Group and Councillors took a few weeks to review and absorb the Report’s content.  It was clear Towong Shire communities have numerous issues relating to deer numbers and illegal hunters.

During July the Steering Group convened to finalise a recommendation to Council.  The Stakeholder and Community Engagement Report informed the Group’s recommendation.

The Steering Group recommended Council not continue with developing a Hunting Tourism Action Plan.  

In recognising the community’s concerns with deer numbers and illegal hunting, the Steering Group also recommended Council consider taking on an advocacy role to encourage the State Government and relevant authorities better support communities facing excessive deer populations and illegal hunting.

At the Council meeting, it was resolved that Council: 

  • Not pursue the development of a hunting tourism action plan
  • Advocate to State Government for deer to be declared a feral pest species
  • Advocate to the State Government for the development of a policy appropriate to support the eradication of the feral pest species
  • Advocate to the State Government and relevant authorities to gain support in addressing the communities’ issues with illegal hunters
  • Promote current support available for residents facing issues with illegal hunters (rural watch, neighbourhood watch, etc.)
  • Support relevant economic developments that arise organically (new business development or business growth/diversification)
  • Advocate for a communication plan to be developed by government agencies and support the proposed plan’s activities
  • Work with MAV and RCV to consult and advocate action through the State Government’s deer management strategy
  • Engage with existing community groups and relevant authorities to determine how Council may assist with their activities. 

During October, Towong Shire Council submitted a response to the Victorian Government’s Draft Deer Management Strategy. The response was made via an on-line form with a restricted character count.  Council’s response to the questions can be found here. 

Should you require any further information, please contact the Towong Shire Council Economic Development staff on 02 6071 5100.

Last updated: 05 December 2018