Towong Shire

People’s choice to decide art piece for the Tallangatta Triangles

To commemorate the Great Victorian Bike Ride stopover in Tallangatta, community members are asked to decide which of two bike-related creations will find a permanent home in The Triangles in Tallangatta.

Council received two Expressions of Interest to design an art piece with a cycling focus that would also serve a functional purpose. The selection of the final design comes down to a popular vote. 

“We are leaving this decision completely in community hands,” said Towong Shire Council Mayor, Cr Aaron Scales. “We are excited to see which of the designs our community chooses to become an iconic part of our town centre.”

Community members can select their favourite from the concepts below:

  • Wheels in Motion, submitted by Simon Pankhurst, involves twelve free standing spiral shaped elements that also function as bike stands. The spirals can be installed en masse or interspersed through the Triangles.
  • The Tricycles, submitted by John Wood, includes three stainless steel “wheels” of differing sizes with horizontal rails allowing bikes to be seat hung.

The two concepts are also on display at the Tallangatta Library. Votes can be submitted online at or posted at a number of local Tallangatta businesses, the Tallangatta Library or Council Offices. Voting closes 23 November 2018.

The winner will be announced at the Two Wheels Street Party in Tallangatta on 27 November. An official unveiling of the completed art piece will be held in March 2019.

Artwork concepts (PDF 639 KB)

Vote to have your say (PDF 262 KB)

Last updated: 15 November 2018