Towong Shire


Council aims to promote an inclusive community where people of all ages and abilities can have equal access to services and activities. Council's objectives in relation to access and inclusion are:

  • To support programs and activities that lead to community strengthening and diversity through increased community participation;
  • To mobilise and support people with a disability to optimise participation in the life of their local community;
  • To build and strengthen the community's capacity to provide support to people with a disability and their families;
  • To facilitate integrated local commuity planning and coordination which engages and involves people with a disability and their families, disability service providers and community organisations;
  • To work with existing disability support providers to enhance their capacity to provide relevant and appropriate supports within the community;
  • To improve access to information about relevant services and activities for people with a disability;
  • To identify key stakeholders and funding sources; and
  • To prioritise and evaluate identified community needs on an annual basis.

In 2014, Towong Shire Council will embark upon the development of a new three year plan to address access and inclusion issues within the municipality. This plan will support people at all stages of life by building capacity, encouraging community tolerance and providing educational and employment pathways for people with a disability. The plan will align with the Victorian Disability Services Community Building Program. 

AccessInclusionPolicy2013.pdf (PDF 173 KB)

Last updated: 12 March 2014