Towong Shire

Corryong Kindergarten

Corryong Kindergarten is located in Harris Street and is adjacent to the beautiful Attree Centre Park. The Kindergarten offers a four year old early years learning program and is operated under the license of Council.

Corryong Kindergarten is passionate about incorporating the community into our program, by having close relationships with both primary schools, other community groups and several excursions an inclusions each year. We encourage parent participation and are always looking for helpers on our session days. 

The Kindergarten’s indoor area provides a warm and inviting atmosphere with brightly coloured walls and carpeted areas. The large outdoor area provides an open space for group activities as well as smaller areas for quiet or individual play.

Operating Times

The Pre-School’s sessions run on Wednesday and Thursday, 8.45am - 4.15pm and align with Victorian school term dates. 


Aleesha Carkeek 

Ph. (02) 6076 1025 (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday only)


Last updated: 04 June 2018