Towong Shire

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The State Emergency Management Act 1986 and 2013 requires municipal councils in Victoria to produce a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) through the establishment of Municipal Emergency Management Planning committees.

Towong Shire Council has established a Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee and produced a Municipal Emergency Management Plan in conjunction with the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES), generally in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Emergency Management Manual Victoria.

The Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee consists of key government and non government emergency management agencies including Towong Shire Council, Victoria State Emergency Service North East Regional Headquarters, community and industry representatives.

Aims and objectives of the Municipal Emergency Management PlanĀ 

The aim of the plan is to detail agreed arrangements for the prevention of, response to and recovery from, emergencies that could occur within the boundaries of Towong Shire.

The objectives of the plan are to:

  • implement measures to prevent or reduce both the causes and effects of emergencies
  • manage arrangements for the utilisation and implementation of municipal resources in response to emergencies
  • manage support that may be provided to or from adjoining municipalities
  • assist the affected community to recover following an emergency
  • complement other local, regional and state planning arrangements

Copies of the MEMP document can be viewed at Council's libraries. The MEMP is periodically audited by VICSES and the certificate of audit can be viewed at the Council Offices.

Towong Shire Council has responsibility for managing municipal resources and coordinating community support during the response and recovery phases.

This includes:

  • providing emergency relief to controlling authorities and affected persons during the response phase;
  • providing supplementary supply (resources) to control and relief agencies during response and recovery phase;
  • providing assistance to agencies during the response to and recovery from emergencies;
  • providing an assessment of the impact of the emergency; and
  • working with the Department of Human Services during response and recovery phase

Review of the MEMP Plan is undertaken annually and following any incidents or activations.


Towong Shire Council's Municipal Emergency Management Plan (Version 14) (PDF 15107 KB)

Last updated: 11 December 2019