Towong Shire

Municipal Fire Management Plan

The Towong Shire Municipal Fire Management Committee (MFMPC) is responsible for providing a strategic and integrated approach to fire management within the Towong Shire. This task forms part of a broader state and regional framework established under the Emergency Management Act (1986) and is supported by the State Fire Management Planning Committee and the Hume Regional Strategic Fire Management Planning Committee (Hume RSFMPC).

A key responsibility of the Towong Shire MFMPC is the development of a draft Municipal Fire Management Plan (MFMP) on behalf of the Towong Shire Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee for considered endorsement by the Towong Shire Council. This Plan, which aligns with the Hume Regional Strategic Fire Management Plan 2011-2021, describes how regional authorities, local government, fire agencies and other relevant organisations can work together to effectively anticipate, respond to and recover from bushfire events affecting the Towong Shire. For a copy of the latest Plan, see below.

The primary objective of municipal fire management planning is the protection of life and property. It is a coordinated approach by a range of stakeholders to discuss, plan and manage fire in the community by adhering to a key tenet of emergency planning — Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Stakeholders contribute knowledge, experience, resources and capability and aim to achieve measurable fire management outcomes through agreed and achievable risk treatments.

The Municipal Fire Management Plan:

  • describes our local environment
  • identifies fire risks and vulnerabilities
  • reduces the fire hazards within local communities via management strategies
  • identifies ways to involve the community
  • considers planning across municipal boundaries.

Download a copy of the latest plan here.

Towong Shire Council's Municipal Fire Management Plan (PDF 5522 KB)

Last updated: 13 June 2019