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Community Information Guides

Community Information Guides

Community Information Guides have been prepared for the communities of Dartmouth, Eskdale and Mitta Mitta due to their risk of grassfire or bushfire. They provide important directions and information to assist with your personal planning before, during and after a fire.

Community Information Guides do not replace the need for an individual Bushfire Survival Plan, however they can be a valuable tool to assist with preparing your Survival Plan.

Not all towns have a Community Information Guide. The criteria set by the CFA to develop a Guide has been based on the Victorian Fire Risk Registry assessment of bushfire and grassfire risk to a town. If the town closest to you does not have a Community Information Guide, it means it did not meet the criteria for extreme risk. Council recommends you consider this when developing your Bushfire Survival Plan.

The Community Information Guides can be downloaded below or click here to go to the relevant section on the CFA website. 


Community Information Guide - Dartmouth (PDF 3734 KB)

Community Information Guide - Eskdale (PDF 3348 KB)

Community Information Guide - Mitta Mitta (PDF 3266 KB)

Last updated: 02 February 2018