Towong Shire

Preparing for an Emergency

Emergency Planning: It's everyone's responsibility

Emergency events can occur at any time, often with little or no warning and can threaten people, property, livestock and the environment. 

Note: A printable version of this information is available for download below.

What can I do?

Prepare your home

  • Clear vegetation and leaf litter from roof, gutters and immediate surrounds.
  • Find out how to turn off your home’s electricity, gas and water supply.
  • Review your insurance policies to ensure they are current and adequate.

Make plans

  • A home emergency plan can reduce the impact of the situation. The Home Emergency Plan tool available from may assist your family to develop an Emergency Plan.
  • The CFA's Fire Ready Kit at will help you to understand and prepare for bushfire.

Involve your family; know your neighbours

  • Decide how family members will stay in touch during and after an emergency. 
  • Make arrangements for pets to ensure they will be safe and have food and water. For more information about preparing your pet for an emergency, visit the RSPCA's emergency planning page
  • Keeping in touch with your neighbours before, during and after an emergency can help everyone to cope. Look out especially for those who may need extra help in an emergency.

Assemble an emergency kit

  • Prepare a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency. Information about what to include in your emergency kit can be found at and

Stay informed and access help if you need it

  • During an emergency it is best to stay informed using more than one source of information. You can find a list of emergency contacts here or by downloading the printable flyer below. 

If you need any assistance to access or print the online tools referred to above, please visit Council's libraries in Corryong or Tallangatta. You can also call our Customer Service Team on 02 6071 5100 to arrange for the Home Emergency Plan tool and/or the Fire Ready Kit to be mailed to you.

Emergency Preparation - printable flyer (PDF 235 KB)

Last updated: 06 November 2019