Towong Shire

Roadside Management

Towong Shire Council will be conducting roadside spraying on council roads from December 2016 – May 2017. The spraying is being conducted as part of the Council’s ‘Municipal Fire Management Plan’ and ‘Roadside Weed & Pest Plan’. The herbicides being used will be Grazon Extra, Kenzon, Garlon 600, Roundup Ultra Max, Roundup BiActive, Ken-met 600, Wetter TX and Li-700.

Download Herbiscide Safety Sheets

Garlon 600 (PDF 91 KB)

Grazon Extra (PDF 278 KB)

Kenso Agcare (PDF 117 KB)

Kenzon (PDF 170 KB)

NuFarm LI-700 Surfactant (PDF 54 KB)

Towong Shire Council Weeds and Pest Plan (DOCX 160 KB)

RoundUp Biactive (PDF 95 KB)

RoundUp Ultra Max (PDF 95 KB)

Wetter TX Surfactant (PDF 120 KB)

Last updated: 11 December 2017