Towong Shire

Roadside Management

Council conducts roadside spraying on council roads to manage pests, and mitigate against fire risk.  

You can view the plan which guides how we conduct these spraying operations here. 

Roadside Weeds and Pests Plan 2019-2022

Spraying is also part of the Council’s ‘Municipal Fire Management Plan’ and ‘Roadside Weed & Pest Plan’. 


You can also find information on the sprays used via the product Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) available on the manufacturer’s websites at the links below.

Apparent Wetter 1000

Apparent Woody Herbicide

DuPont Brushoff

NuFarm Conquerer 

Dow Garlon 6001

Dow Grazon Extra 

Kenso Ken Met 600

Nulandis LI 700

Nufarm Metsulfuron

RoundUp Biactive 

RoundUp Ultra Max

SST Spreadwet

FMC Triclopyr 600

Last updated: 16 July 2020