Towong Shire

Roadside Management

Towong Shire Council will be conducting roadside spraying on council roads from December 2016 – May 2017. The spraying is being conducted as part of the Council’s ‘Municipal Fire Management Plan’ and ‘Roadside Weed & Pest Plan’. The herbicides being used will be Grazon Extra, Kenzon, Garlon 600, Roundup Ultra Max, Roundup BiActive, Ken-met 600, Wetter TX and Li-700.

Download Herbiscide Safety Sheets

Garlon 600 (PDF 91 KB)

Grazon Extra (PDF 278 KB)

Kenso Agcare (PDF 117 KB)

Kenzon (PDF 170 KB)

NuFarm LI-700 Surfactant (PDF 54 KB)

Towong Shire Council Weeds and Pest Plan 2017 -19 (PDF 686 KB)

RoundUp Biactive (PDF 95 KB)

RoundUp Ultra Max (PDF 95 KB)

Wetter 1000 (PDF 1576 KB)

Conqueror (PDF 41 KB)

Last updated: 18 October 2018