Towong Shire

Collection of Firewood

You must obtain a permit from Council to collect firewood from roads that are under Council's jurisdiction. Permits are available from either of Council’s offices in Tallangatta or Corryong. 

 There is no charge associated with obtaining a permit. However, your permit will be subject to the following conditions:

  • For a specific time - either from 1 April to 30 June of the same year (autumn season) or 1 September to 30 November of the same year (spring season);
  • Only roads or sections of roads highlighted as having low conservation value will be able to be collected from;
  • No standing tree dead or green is permitted to be felled or lopped and the approval to collect only relates to timber already fallen;
  • Roads must not be obstructed during the process of the works with all vehicles parked clear of the carriage way at all times;
  • The roadside must be left neat and tidy with all tops of timber etc, neatly stacked in heaps;
  • All precautions shall be taken to prevent damage to the road and in the event of damage, such damage shall be made good at the permit holder's expense and to the satisfaction of Council;
  • The permit holder shall be liable for and indemnify the Council against all actions, claims and demands whatsoever arising out of any damage caused by the exercise of powers conferred by the granting of this permit; and
  • The permit will be revoked in the event of any non-compliance with the above conditions.

Vic Roads do not allow collection of firewood from roads under their jurisdiction. These roads include the Murray Valley Highway, Murray River Road, Granya Gap Road, Dartmouth Road, Cudgewa Valley Road, Lockharts Gap Road and Nariel Road from Dunstans Logging Road.   

For information on collecting firewood on public land go to the Forest Fire Management Victoria's website.


Last updated: 07 December 2017