Towong Shire

Forestry Management

Forestry Management

Towong Shire Forestry Officer 

Towong Shire’s Forestry Officer is Ken Whitehead.  The Shire has significant pine plantations and the main responsibility of the Forestry Officer is to ensure environmental compliance with the Code of Forest Practice in forestry operations that are occuring on private land within the Shire. This work involves inspection and auditing of forest operations and liaising with the forest owners and the local community. Other duties include the control of blackberries along the Shire’s local roads and representation on the local blackberry action groups.

The Parks, Forest Fire Mangement and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is responsible for the public forests in the North East Region. A copy of their Forest Management Plan can be found via the DSE website.


Harvesting radiata pine
Towong Shire Plantations Committee

The Towong Shire Plantations Committee meets twice yearly and provides a forum whereby:

  • Forestry related community issues are raised and discussed between plantation owners and community representatives; 
  • Plantation owners and managers discuss issues that are relevant to the growing and marketing of the plantation timbers;
  • Reports are received from major plantation owners;
  • The Towong Council Forestry Officer's report is received;
  • The Blackberry Action Group report is received; and
  • Plantation topics of current interest are discussed and may be included in a field visit.

If you would like to know more about the Plantations Committee, please contact Ken Whitehead on (02) 6071 5100.

Last updated: 23 April 2018