Towong Shire

Tree Management Plan

Council has adopted a tree management plan that provides the framework for the ongoing maintenance, renewal and risk management of Towong Shire’s trees of local and historical significance and urban street trees.  It is aligned with the Recreation and Open Space Asset Management Plan which recognises that Towong Shire’s trees are a significant asset that are of high value to the community and contribute greatly to the amenity of the built environments within the Shire.  It applies to all trees under Towong Shire Council’s management within the 40 km to 80 km per hour speed limit zones.

The presence of trees in public areas can present a degree of risk to people, property and services and the benefits provided by these trees comes at a considerable cost in terms of installation, maintenance and impacts on infrastructure such as drainage, roads and footpaths.  This plan documents the management strategies that Towong Shire Council has in place to ensure the longevity and quality of trees within the Shires urban environments and the risk management practices used to ensure minimal impact on both Council and private property due to the presence of Council managed trees.  It includes provision for the recommendations made by the Coroner following a tragic tree incident in 2013.

Tree Management Plan 2020 (PDF 9578 KB)

Updated - Towong Shire Street Trees list 2017 (PDF 1420 KB)

Last updated: 18 September 2020