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Our Bellbridge

Our Bellbridge

'Our Bellbridge' is a community masterplanning project that began in 2011 and was adopted by Council in 2015. The project has involved an extensive consultation process with the residents and stakeholders of Bellbridge.  The result of this process is a masterplan with a 15 year horizon as the blueprint for future development, ensuring that the township enjoys sustainable growth, bringing together the needs of visitors and the community.

Projects outlined in the masterplan are intended to ensure that Bellbridge is a prosperous town:

  • Where people of all ages want to live;
  • Which supports the community with a range of community services;
  • That celebrates its unique lakeside location;
  • Where people can be part of a vibrant community;
  • That can continue to grow and attract tourism and investment; and
  • That offers attractive residential options to new residents.

During the consultation phase, the majority of residents expressed their desire to maintain what is special about Bellbridge and ensure that any development was sympathetic to the active and friendly town environment. Some residents wanted to see more shops and cafes, a growth in business opportunities and better services. While others were keen to see beautification of the lake foreshore in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

Residents also raised concerns during consultation and this feedback has been incorporated into the final masterplan. Concerns included: 

  • Division and sale of the Roy Williams Memorial Park – primary concern focused on the loss of the park and green space. This was addressed in the final plan.  
  • The location and potential impact of recreation facilities on the foreshore – some concern about the impact on future use of the land and water.
  • Need to ensure that recreational opportunities were provided for all age groups.
  • Consideration of noise, water views and traffic to existing residents from proposed development.
  • Maintaining a ‘village’ atmosphere was paramount.
  • Ensuring that any residential development was staged so as to complement and support the increase in community infrastructure.
  • Need to upgrade children's services delivery as soon as possible.
  • Developing a ‘partnership’ approach to development and implementation of the master plan.

The final masterplan will continue to inform Council and relevant stakeholders about the priorities and vision of the Bellbridge community. The document is the key source of information for strategic planning for Bellbridge and vital when sourcing State and Federal Government funding needed to realise the vision that has been identified. Council resolved to allocate $1,000,000 to deliver on the masterplan's priorities and these works are now completed.

A copy of the 'Our Bellbridge' Masterplan can be downloaded below.

Our Bellbridge Master Plan (PDF 20096 KB)

Last updated: 13 January 2016