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Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan

Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan

The Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan is the result of a community planning project. The plan is designed to drive investment into the Upper Murray by identifying "game changing" projects with potential to build regional long term sustainability, prosperity and health.

The project was championed by Upper Murray Business Incorporated in partnership with Upper Murray Health and Community Services, Towong Shire Council and Snowy Valleys Council (previously Tumbarumba Shire Council) as well as key members of the local community. 

The Victorian State Government contributed $150,000 towards the Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan through Regional Development Victoria. Towong Shire Council is keen to see similar outcomes to the Tallangatta Tomorrow Masterplan which has generated over $6 million of funding into Tallangatta as a result of comprehensive planning and community consultation.

The Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan was delivered under the guidance of a steering committee made up of local people from across the Upper Murray, and involved significant levels of community engagement to identify, prioritise and detail plans for the area.

Council believes that the Upper Murray has enormous potential for economic development and diversification. The community is currently experiencing a range of challenges brought about by structural changes in the agricultural sector, changing demographics as the population ages and an increased focus on tourism which provides challenges in a market with underdeveloped product offerings. The Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan provides a focus for the community on the opportunities that exist and creates a blueprint for future investment and action that reflects the community’s vision for the region.

Towong Shire Council sees its role as that of a catalyst for change in the Upper Murray region working hand-in-hand with key community stakeholders. 

The Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan is a key project for the Upper Murray and was launched in November 2016. Final plans are available for download below.

Upper Murray 2030 Masterplan (PDF 18497 KB)

Upper Murray 2030 Agricultural Prospectus (PDF 12538 KB)

Upper Murray 2030 Branding (PDF 21925 KB)

Upper Murray 2030 Great River Road (PDF 11286 KB)

Upper Murray 2030 Tourism (PDF 6225 KB)

Upper Murray 2030 Town Trails (PDF 24584 KB)

Last updated: 16 January 2018