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Tallangatta Shopfront Revitalisation

Tallangatta Shopfront Revitalisation

In 2015, Towong Shire Council was awarded funds from the Australian Government to activate 'Destination Tallangatta'.

The purpose of the project was to revitalise and provide economic benefits to the Tallangatta Township, foreshore and Holiday Park, linking recreational, shopping, tourism, health, education and residential precincts.

Commercial Property Upgrades

As part of the project, a portion of funds were budgeted to assist businesses in the CBD upgrade commercial property.

A program was developed to detail how shop owners and traders could access the funds, with many businesses taking the opportunity to refurbish verandahs, install new signage, or paint. 

Tallangatta Murals

Three community engagement sessions were promoted and held to inform further upgrades to the townships - with the creation of two murals being identified as an opportunity to further enhance the CBD area for residents and visitors.

North East artist, Kirrily Anderson was commissioned to paint two murals, which pay homage to Tallangatta’s unique past while giving a nod to its bright future.

After the year that has been, it’s great to have such powerful and meaningful murals to lift the spirits and welcome visitors back to Tallangatta. Each intricate detail represents something unique about Tallangatta - locals are invited to discover the story behind each artwork and to share it with visitors.

Kirrily wanted to tell the story of the artworks in her own words. In two recorded videos, she tells us where she found her inspiration and what each element represents. She explains “’Grow’ was inspired by a quote that I found in my research stating that many residents were concerned about their gardens not growing when they moved to the new location”.

To hear more about the story behind the murals ’Grow’ and ‘The Town That Moved’, use the QR code at each mural by holding your phone (while in camera mode) over the code, or visit:

The Consultation Process

Following initial engagement on proposed artworks with building owners and/or tenants of the artwork locations, Council then sought feedback on the artwork concepts from the greater Tallangatta community and potential visitors.

Four artwork concepts and four locations were proposed:

  • Artwork 1 'The Town That Moved' - Viking Genetics Building, 53 Towong Street 
  • Artwork 2 'Grow' - Nicola Teek Building, 4 Banool Road
  • Artwork 3 'Intrepid Spirit' - Tallangatta Laundromat Building, 87 Towong Street
  • Artwork 4 'Old Tallangatta' Photo Collection - Tallangatta Hotel, Towong Street 

View all four artwork concepts here.

Feedback was gathered by a Survey Monkey and written submissions were also invited, with a number of responses received.

Following the close of the consultation period on Friday 1 May 2020, the results were shared with Council.

The engagement results revealed strong support for two of the four concepts and locations (artwork 1 and 2 from the above), both of the concepts represent a special story about Tallangatta and its unique history.

Tallangatta Shopfront Revitalisation - Artwork Proposals (PDF 12028 KB)

Last updated: 17 November 2020