Towong Shire

Great River Road

in 2016, Towong Shire Council developed the Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan following a comprehensive community consultation process.  

The¬†plan identified and¬†explored¬†the implementation of ‚Äėgame changing‚Äô projects for the Upper Murray, including¬†The Great River Road¬†and¬†Town Trails.¬†¬†

Stage 1 of The Great River Road was completed in 2019, during which a number of future extensions were identified. These ideas were earmarked to form Stage 2 of the project. 

Stage 2 of The Great River Road project will receive $5 million in funding from the Victorian Government's Bushfire Recovery Regional Economic Stimulus and Resilience Fund. 

The project aims to build on the existing 153km Great River Road from Bellbridge to Khancoban, to make it a premier destination for drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, bushwalkers and campers.  

It involves the delivery of eight key projects identified by the Shire’s Community Recovery Committees to assist in the ongoing recovery process, including town trails, wayside stops and a marketing campaign. 

You can view the plans for each of the key elements below.



Bellbridge Wayside Stop 1 (PDF 486 KB)

Bellbridge Wayside Stop 2 (PDF 241 KB)

Pine Mountain Interpretive Centre (PDF 308 KB)

Towong Gap Wayside Stop (PDF 8731 KB)

Towong River Access Town Trail (PDF 1883 KB)

Tintaldra Town Trail (PDF 283 KB)

Walwa to Jingellic Heritage Trail and Walwa River Access Town Trail (PDF 7763 KB)

Last updated: 07 June 2021