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The Triangles Revitalisation

The Triangles Revitalisation

The Triangles revitalisation forms the final stage of the Destination Tallangatta Project.

Following extensive community consultation and co-design in late 2019, Council is pleased to unveil the final plan for the revitalisation of The Triangles in Tallangatta

Note: Following a second round of Community Consultation in December 2020, where feedback focused on the proposed gabion wall and seating at the playground, accessibility and rough surfaces of existing footpaths, we have decided to pause development of the gabion wall and seating around the playground and also intend to replace all existing faux brick footpaths.

The upgrades will include:

  • Maintaining the green, natural and open space
  • Increasing and improving seating
  • Improving the safety of the playground with a barrier between the playground and the street
  • Improving accessibility through the inclusion of pathways
  • Increasing shade and shelter
  • Creating a dedicated place for Sandy the War Horse statue
  • Refurbishing the information centre and toilets

Community Consultation

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the consultation. Since November 2019 input has been received from more than 170 community members, gaining an insight into what they would like to see at The Triangles.

Consultation has happened in a number of ways:

  • Public survey
  • Youth art competition
  • Focus group with Bolga Court residents
  • Focus group with community groups and schools
  • Focus group with Tallangatta Early Years
  • Community workshop
  • Council staff workshop
  • Direct customer requests

Overall, the key message from the community was to retain and protect the open, green and natural feel of The Triangles while making the area more functional for generations to come. The shade and amenity provided by the mature trees is highly valued by residents and a welcomed respite for visitors, providing a unique atmosphere in the centre of town.

Community members told us they wanted to see improved seating, improved safety of the playground, more pathways for greater accessibility, shade and shelter and more toilets. It was clear that we also needed to consider a place for the Sandy the War Horse statue to be positioned in the future.



Community Consultation Outcomes (PDF 603 KB)

The Triangles Revitalisation Plans (PDF 3778 KB)

Last updated: 12 January 2021