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Temporary Food Premises

Temporary Food Premises

Temporary food premises are temporary stalls or tents from which food is sold, such as at a market or festival. Mobile food premises are vehicles such as vans, trailers or carts from which food is sold. 

The Victorian Department of Health has developed a short video and interactive website to help community groups understand and meet their food safety obligations when selling food to raise funds in Victoria.

The video provides an informative insight into community fund-raising activities while the website covers a range of topics, including community group obligations under the Victorian Food Act. To visit the website, go to

Streatrader is a Victorian Government website that allows registration and notification of temporary and mobile food businesses to your principal council. You no longer need to fill out paperwork for multiple councils where you operate temporary food premises.

Just apply online and your principal council will be identified by where:

  • You prepare or store food that is to be sold at the stall or van; or
  • If food is not usually prepared or stored beforehand by the business, the district in which you usually store the equipment for your stall, or garage your van; or
  • If none of the above apply, the district where the usual business address for your organisation is located; or
  • If none of the above are in Victoria, the district in which the stall or van will first operate.

What do you need to do?
Go to the Streatrader website. You will be directed to Business Victoria Online, where you will create your login (unless you already have one, in which case you simply just fill in your username and password). 

Once your login details are complete you will automatically enter the Streatrader website. Now you are ready to complete your forms. Streatrader will guide you through the process until you are ready to hit the lodge button.

What are the benefits?
All the forms you need to fill out are now available online.

Once your online application to register or notify is accepted by your principal council, you can trade anywhere in Victoria providing you lodge a State of Trade (also done through Streatrader).

Being online means you can log in anywhere, lodge or update your forms or contact details and receive messages including your certificates.

We are a community group ‚Äď do we need to register?
It may be a fundraising event like a cake stall or sausage sizzle where the food is sold or handled from temporary and mobile tents, vans or community halls.

Community groups, clubs and voluntary associations that sell food to raise funds are now required to register with just one principal council. Once this is done, the group can operate anywhere in Victoria. All you need to do is lodge a Statement of Trade with councils about where and when you are selling the food.

Please note: Towong Shire Council does not access the Business Victoria online payment option as we do not charge community groups or not for profit organisations. A business operating with full food registration within the Shire is also entitled to free temporary food registration.

For other businesses wishing to register with Council:

*Annual fee for Class 2 Temporary Premises is $190.

*Annual fee for Class 3 Temporary Premises is $115.

Last updated: 11 September 2014