Towong Shire

Amenity Local Law 2021

Council adopted a new Amenity Local Law 2021 at the Council Meeting on 25 August.

Local laws help Council to provide for community safety and wellbeing, and to protect the amenity of our public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

The new Local Law was adopted after a public exhibition and submission process and replaces Local Law No. 2 Community Amenity and Municipal Places. The three key changes are:

  • A modification to the clause stating that a person must not use a temporary structure for the purpose of habitation for any period greater than four weeks without a permit, clarifying that the four week period refers to four weeks within any given 12 month period.
  • An additional requirement for property owners to return rubbish to their property if it has spilled while left out for domestic kerbside waste collection.
  • An additional clause that firewood and mulch collection from Council land requires a permit, to ensure that Council can put in place appropriate protections with respect to the health and safety of those collecting these materials and manage the associated public liability risk.

View the Amenity Local Law 2021 here.

Amenity Local Law 2021 No 2 (-2.PDF 426 KB)

Last updated: 21 September 2021