Towong Shire


When do I need a building permit?

You are generally required by law to obtain a building permit whenever you build, extend or modify the use of a building. The Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006 are legislation which governs building in Victoria. 

Building Services

The Building Services Team ensures that buildings are constructed and maintained to the relevant standards.

Application Checklist

There are a number of items you will require in order to lodge your building permit application.

Works within Road Reserves

The road reserve includes the road, nature strip and footpath. Permits are required to be issued for all general openings in road reserves in the Towong Shire.


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Asbestos Awareness for renovators and DIY home maintenance

If you are thinking about renovating, you must be aware of asbestos. It is important for home owners and renovators to be aware of how to safely manage asbestos in and around the home.