Towong Shire

Application Checklist

There are a number of items you will require in order to lodge your building permit application. It is recommended that you make an appointment with Council's Building Services Department to discuss the process and ensure you understand the various items required to be lodged with your application. 

The fees are determined by the cost of the works and what type of construction you are planning to build. A quote is available upon request and is valid for sixty days from the application date.

Towong Shire Council Building Services reserves the right to review fees and make necessary adjustments during the assessment of the building application. Fees become due upon lodgement of the application.

1. Other Permits Required
Before a building permit can be issued, the items below must be obtained from the relevant department. Please discuss with Council to ensure you have all of the required information before you lodge your building permit application. 

  • Planning permit - contact Council's Planning Dept
  • Septic permit - contact Council's Environmental Health Dept
  • Road opening permit - contact Council's Technical Services / Assets Dept

 2. Owner Builder Consent
From 14 June 2005 landowners who intend to apply for a building permit to carry out domestic building work valued at over $12,000 in relation to a single dwelling, must provide to the building surveyor a certificate of consent. Owner-builders must obtain a copy of the Building Commission's Owner-Builder Information and Education Kit. Copies are available at Council service centres in Tallangatta and Corryong.

3. Bushfire Attack Level Assessment
You may be required to complete a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment report. The aim of this Assessment is to improve the protection of occupants in the event of a bushfire. Download more information about BAL Assessment at the end of this page.  

4. Energy Rating '6 star' Certification
Click here to go to the Victorian Building Commission's website for information on 6 star energy rating for your home. 

5. Plans of Building
Three copies of drawings showing the plan at each floor level, elevations, sections, dimensions, the sizes and locations of structural members to scale of not less than 1:100.

Also attach:

  • Bracing plan(s);
  • Tie down and fixing plans;
  • Special area assessment (if applicable e.g. bushfire, termite or flood prone);
  • Siting assessment;
  • Truss computations and design (if applicable and when received from manufacturer); and
  • Structural plans and Form 11 Certificate of Compliance - Design.

6. Specifications
If applicable, three copies of the specifications of materials and other descriptive matters not shown on the plans.

7. Site Plan / Allotment Plan
Three copies of your site plan, showing boundaries and dimensions of the allotment together with levels, site cut, retaining walls, easements and method of drainage.

8. Copy of Title / Plan of Subdivision
Including block dimensions, easements, ownership, covenants and development control plans.

9. Soil Tests
Foundation soil report in accordance with AS2870.

10. Home Owner's Warranty
Where the cost of any domestic works by a registered practitioner has a value of more than $12,000.

11. Agent's Authority
If the applicant is not the owner, the applicant must obtain the owner's written consent to apply for a building permit on their behalf and is responsible for the settlement of all applicable fees incurred.

12. Protection of Adjoining Property

Protection of any adjoining property is applicable where the construction or site cut adjoins or affects the boundary. Please speak to Council's Building Services Dept for further information on (02) 6071 5100.

13. North East Region Water Authority
Water main connection applications must be done in person when booking the water tapping.

14. Easements
Seek approval from the relevant authority to construct over the easement.



Guide to Assessing Your Properties BAL (PDF 1128 KB)

Last updated: 11 September 2014