Towong Shire

Building Services

Building Services is a function that is shared with neighbouring Indigo Shire Council. The Building Services Team is located in Yackandandah and ensures that buildings are constructed and maintained to the relevant standards. We promote good building design having regard to siting, orientation, energy efficiency, bushfire protection and much more.

The Municipal Building Surveyor administers the Building Act and Regulations which require a building permit to be issued prior to undertaking building works.

For further information contact the Towong Shire Council Building Services Department on 1300 365 003.


Apply to Towong Shire Council to find out about regulations overlaying a property you're looking to purchase via the Building - Request for Information Form.


2018-Regulation-Application-form.docx (DOCX 217 KB)

Building---Request-for-Information-Form.docx (DOCX 117 KB)

Last updated: 13 March 2019