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I want to obtain an owner builder's permit. How do I go about this?

Owner/builder laws provide greater protection for consumers, genuine owner/builders and registered building practitioners. They mean that unregistered builders can no longer avoid registration fees and insurance by operating as a surrogate owner or by persuading owners to be the builder.


  • Must obtain a certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority in order to obtain a building permit to carry out domestic building work valued over $12,000;
  • May only obtain building permits for a single dwelling and associated work on a single property in any three-year period;
  • Must reside and continue to reside, or intend to reside in the single dwelling; and
  • Must pay a fee to the Victorian Building Authority.

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Do swimming pools and spas need to be installed by registered building practitioners?

Installing a pool or spa involves a number of specialist trades and techniques. You may engage a registered building practitioner or choose to undertake the work yourself as an owner-builder. If you engage a registered building practitioner to undertake the work they must provide you with a major domestic building contract (over $5,000) and provide domestic building insurance (over $12,000). If you undertake the work as an owner-builder, you must obtain a certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority

For in-ground swimming pools and spas greater than 300 mm in depth, you will require a building permit in order to undertake construction. 

Do all pools need a fence?

All swimming pools require a fence that complies with AS1926. Contact our Municipal Building Surveyor phone (02) 6071 5100 for advice or to book an inspection of your property.

I am having an issue with my neighbour about our boundary fence. Can Council help resolve the issue?

Unfortunately, fencing disputes are a civil matter and Council is not able to help either party. Contact the Victorian Dispute Settlement Centre to find out how to resolve the issue. 

Can my neighbour build to the boundary?

Generally, yes. Your neighbour is able to build to the boundary. The maximum wall height on the boundary is 3.0m or an average of 3.0m with a maximum of 3.6m. Replacement of the boundary fence becomes a civil matter.

I've got a problem with my builder. Who do I talk to?

If the problem with your builder is contractual you will need to consult your solicitor. If your builder has breached the Building Regulations you can contact the relevant building surveyor who issued your permit or the Victorian Building Authority.

What is Rescode?

Rescode is legislation made by the Victorian Government that was created to prescribe requirements for the siting and design of dwellings and associated buildings. 
Rescode fact sheet

What can I do to bushfire proof my house?

You might find the following links helpful:

Bushfire Retrofit

Bunker Information Sheet

New Bushfire Regulations 8 September 2011

The Building Amendment (Bushfire Construction) Regulations 2011 came into effect on 8 September 2011. These ongoing Regulations replace the interim Regulations made in March 2010 and implement permanent bushfire construction requirements across Victoria.

The Regulations provide for the following:

- The Minister for Planning has the authority to designate bushfire prone areas. Designated bushfire prone area maps have been prepared and are made available free of charge to the public online through

- The relevant building surveyor must accept a bushfire attack level (BAL) specified by a planning scheme or a planning permit for the construction requirements for a building.

- In designated bushfire prone areas a minimum construction standard of BAL 12.5 for ember protection applies.  A large portion of Towong Shire is considered to be within  the designated bushfire prone area.

Last updated: 07 December 2017