Towong Shire


The subdivision process occurs in four main stages:

  • A planning permit for subdivision under the provisions of the Towong Planning Scheme;
  • Certification of the plan of subdivision, which approves the subdivision under the Subdivision Act 1988;
  • A statement of compliance, which is the final approval stating that all requirements under the permit and the Subdivision Act have been met; and
  • Lodgement of the documents at Land Victoria, which allows new titles to be issued for each lot created under the subdivision.

Stage 1 - Planning Permit

An application for a planning permit must be made with the Council's planning department for the consideration of the subdivision. The ability to apply for a planning permit does not necessarily result in approval of an application. Just because a permit can be granted does not imply that a permit should or will be granted. This is because Council must decide whether the proposal will produce acceptable outcomes in terms of the municipal planning scheme.

The processing of an application to subdivide land will normally include referral of the application to external authorities such as utility companies (water, gas and electricity) for their consideration. These authorities have a minimum of twenty-eight days to provide comment on an application and often require conditions to be placed on any planning permit issued.

Stage 2 - Certification

If a planning permit has been issued by Council, an application for certification of the plan of subdivision must be submitted by a licensed land surveyor. An application for certification must include:

  • An application form (Form 1);
  • The application fee;
  • Two copies of the plan of subdivision (A4 size); and
  • Two A3 heavyweight copies of the plan of subdivision.

The plan of subdivision must be prepared by a licensed land surveyor.

An application for certification must be referred to the relevant authorities (e.g. water, gas, electricity, roads, etc.) to ensure that the plan meets their requirements. Once all authorities have provided their consent to certify the plans, the plan of subdivision can be certified by Council. Once a plan of subdivision has been certified and engineering plans have been approved, works required to service the subdivision can commence.

Stage 3 - Statement of Compliance

A statement of compliance will be issued once:

  • Your surveyor has provided a Form 23 to Council;
  • All planning permit conditions have been met; and
  • All authorities have provided their consent that all their requirements have been satisfied.

Stage 4 - Lodgement

Once the certified plan of subdivision and the statement of compliance have been issued to the licensed land surveyor, the plan can be lodged with Land Victoria enabling the issue of new certificates of title. 

Last updated: 20 November 2014