Towong Shire

Dog or Cat Registration

Under the Domestic Animals Regulations Act 2005 every dog or cat over the age of three months must be registered with Council and micro-chipped. Registration is paid annually and is due in April. Download a registration form at the bottom of this page. If you move house, you must notify Council of your change of address. 

Rules around pet ownership are made with the best interests of the community in mind. It is advisable to become familiar with your obligations as a pet owner to avoid financial penalties. Wandering dogs, dogs that cause a nuisance through persistent barking, or if you fail to clean up after your dog outside your property are all infringements and may result in a fine. 

 Registration Fees – effective from 2018


Maximum Fee*

Maximum Pensioner Fee*

Reduced Fee**

Reduced Pensioner Fee

Working Dog


$108.50  $55.00  $38.50  $21.00 $21.00







 *This includes a State Government levy of $3.50 per dog and $2 per cat primarily used to fund responsible pet ownership programs.

**The reduced eligibility conditions denote that an animal must be de-sexed, or over the age of ten years, or part of a domestic animal business or applicable organisation or a dog that has undergone training as determined by the Domestic Animals Regulations.

The cost of a replacement tag is $10.

The cost of our cat trap hire is $50 deposit ($8 weekly fee).


The Domestic (Feral and Nuisance) Animals Regulations 2005 require that all dogs and cats must be microchipped prior to being registered with Council for the first time.

Impoundment Fees – effective from 1 August 2016

If your pet or animal is impounded you will incur the following charges: 


Fee per animal

Cat or dog - release


Cattle, sheep, horse - release



$19 per day

Transport (cattle, sheep, horse)

Cost including labour plus 50%

 If your animal is impounded it will be taken to the Albury Animal Management Centre operated by Canine Country Kennels (695 Mudge Street Lavington NSW).  All impoundment fees are to be paid direct to Canine Country Kennels prior to the release of your pet.  Click here to access Canine Country Kennels website.

For further information on the responsibilities of owning a dog or cat in Towong Shire go to our Local Laws and Permits section. 


Animal Registration Form (PDF 242 KB)

Last updated: 30 April 2018