Towong Shire

Rates Notices

Rate notices are usually forwarded to ratepayers in August each year. Rates are raised based on the property data Council has as at mid-August and any change of ownership details after this day will not be shown on the new rates notice. 

Rates are payable in instalments by the following dates:

  • 1st instalment due September 30
  • 2nd instalment due November 30
  • 3rd instalment due February 28
  • 4th instalment due May 31

Reminder notices are sent for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th instalments. Late or overdue payments will attract interest charges.

If you are having difficulty paying your rates please contact Council on (02) 6071 5100 or 1300 365 222 to discuss alternative payment options.  


Council is required to have all properties valued. The valuation is listed on the rates and valuation notice. Values are set every year by Council's contracted property valuers, not by Council staff. Definitions of some of the key valuation terminology are:

  • Capital Improved Value - the value of all land, buildings and improvements on a property
  • Site Value - the value of the land only
  • Net Annual Value - the expected annual rental return (CIV divided by 20)

Council has five property types. The property type is stated on the rates and valuation notice. The different types are:

  • Residential - township property of 0.4 hectares or less
  • Rural living - rural property greater than 0.4 hectares but less than 40 hectares in size
  • Business - occupied for the purpose of manufacture, trade or services OR unoccupied but zoned as commercial or industrial
  • Rural - rural property 40 hectares or greater OR two or more properties that are farmed as a single enterprise and when combined are greater than 40 hectares
  • Undeveloped land - vacant township property available to be developed; rate is higher to encourage development of housing stock in residential areas

Objections to a Valuation

Objections will be accepted for a period of 60 days from the date of the Rates and Valuation Notice. Submissions after this period will not be accepted by the Valuer General. Objections are forwarded to Council's contract property valuers and Valuer General at the end of the objection period. The valuer has 60 days to assess the objection and advises if any adjustment is required. 

Ratepayers lodging an objection must continue to pay their rate instalments as interest will be charged on overdue amounts. If the objection to the valuation is upheld then a reduction will be applied to the 3rd or 4th rates instalment notice. 

Last updated: 24 September 2019