Towong Shire

Understanding Your Rates Notice

Generally the amounts shown on your rates notice include a rate applied to the capital improved value of your property and any municipal, waste management or waste collection charges that are applicable. Your notice may also include the Fire Services Property Levy collected by Council on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Municipal Charge
This charge is levied on every property. The charge is to cover some of the administration costs of the Council. An exemption from the municipal charge may apply if multiple properties form a single farm enterprise.

Waste Management Charge
All revenue collected from this charge is used on waste disposal and recycling activities throughout the Shire including Resource Recovey Centres and Landfill, periodic hard waste and green waste collections, waste management at public events as well as other initiatives. It does not include kerbside bin collection services.

Garbage Collection Charge
Council provides kerbside garbage and recycling bin collection services throughout the Shire. Council’s standard service includes a 140L garbage bin collected weekly and a 240L recycling bin collected fortnightly. If you find that your bins are not adequate for your household’s needs, a larger bin or additional services can be arranged at an additional cost. A regular waste collection service is compulsory for all households within two kilometres of the designated routes, however, if you have an alternative regular commercial arrangement with another provider you can apply for an exemption.

Fire Services Property Levy
Council is a collection agent for the Victorian Government for the Fire Services Property Levy. For information about the levy, please refer to:


Last updated: 14 December 2020