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Motorhome Rally - Tallangatta

Motorhome Rally - Tallangatta

The Motorhomes Australia Group are planning their next meet in North East Victoria.The Motorhomes Australia Group came about by Motorhome owners from around Australia making contact via Facebook.  The group has grown to around 3,000 Motorhomes in less than 18 months and new members are still joining every day, Tallangatta will be the second get together since they started.  

Details: 29 September to 3 October 2016

Venue:  Tallangatta Showgrounds

Looking for more info?

Contact:  Robert James - Motorhomes Australia Group at 

Robert James says 'We like to support the smaller country towns like Tallangatta.  At our last meet, members spent several thousands of dollars over the five days. we could do with some sponsorship to cover the cost for camp fire wood from a local club in Tallangatta so if any business around town can help us with that please contact us..'




Last updated: 12 May 2016