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Wodonga Skills and Job Centre Tallangatta Outreach

Wodonga Skills and Job Centre Tallangatta Outreach

Have you just left school and not sure what to do next? Are you looking for a new direction in your career? Or maybe that dream job is being advertised and you want to apply — but you have no experience. What should you do?

We may have the answer.

The Wodonga Skills and Job Centre has established a temporary outreach service at the Tallangatta Library and Community Centre. From 9.30am to 3pm on Thursday 8 and Thursday 15 December, a careers and jobseeking expert will be available for Towong residents seeking guidance and advice.

It is a free service offering face-to-face personalised careers advice.

Towong Shire Council sat down with careers practitioner Julie Korneluk to discuss the free service and how it can help everyone — from students to CEOs.

What kind of service are you providing? 

We're here to offer resume assistance, job seeking guidance and career counselling.
The service is for anybody. You can be in school, a career changer, wanting to get back into work. You can be someone who's linked with a Jobactive or DES provider. It doesn't matter what your background may be or what direction you want to take, we can assist you.

Tell me a little bit about the resume service you’re providing?
If you're applying for jobs and not getting an interview we may need to look at your resume. We would chat about the kinds of jobs you are applying for, and then have a look at your resume to see whether it’s tailored specifically for that position. Our role is to offer some advice on how to make changes to increase your opportunity of securing an interview. Sometimes it’s just a matter of tweaking it up or deleting or adding sections.

At the end of the day your resume is your marketing tool. It's got to have 100 percent input from the people who come and see us. We just give them some advice and guidance on what might work better for them.

How can you help career-changers?
Let’s say for example you're going from retail to child care. That's a completely different industry. We would look at your transferable skills from retail that are relevant to child care. For example, that could be your problem solving, your teamwork or your communications skills. We’d begin by highlighting those.

Then we’d encourage people to do some research on those particular employers, and examine what their business is about, what their mission statement is and ask “how do your values fit in with that?” We would also encourage people to find out what the employer is looking for in candidates. For example, do they want degree qualified, diploma qualified, or people with experience? That type of stuff.

Can anyone benefit from career counselling?
Absolutely. We're here for everybody. We can see anyone, from a school leaver to a CEO and help them with whatever they're looking for.

We can do simple things like conducting resume checks, providing tips on interviews, creating and tailoring cover letters and addressing key selection criteria which can be an overwhelming experience for people, especially if you haven’t done one in a long time — or ever before. Sometimes it helps just to have another person’s opinion and advice, and we’ll work with you to help you achieve the career or change you’re looking for.

What: Wodonga Skills and Job Centre Tallangatta Outreach

When: Thursday 8 and Thursday 15 December, 9.30am - 3pm 

Where: Tallangatta Library and Community Centre, Towong Street, Tallangatta

Bookings: Simply drop-in or call 1800 754 555 to make an appointment

Last updated: 07 December 2016